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During our recent church camp, the speaker David Cook gave a description of judgement day to help explain how Christ saves us through faith, and not by our own works, on that day. The imagery he gave stuck in my mind…

He asked us to imagine that on judgement day, when all believers and non-believers will be called to account for our lives, we are standing in line with a dvd of our lifes waiting to play it before God. All the good and bad things we have done will be on the dvd, for all to see. And no one will be able to enter the gates of heaven unless his dvd is perfect, for God (being perfect) cannot accept sin. And when it comes to a Christian’s turn to play his dvd, Jesus will step in and allow us to play his dvd instead of our own so that when God sees us, He sees Jesus’s life and work and is able to accept us.

This concept of free and undeserving grace goes against everything we know. Since we were children, we have been taught that we only deserve to be rewarded if we have done something good or are deserving. While we can sometimes hide our true self to earn the reward and approval of others, only we ourselves know how sinful we are and how we almost always never do what we know is right. We can never pass God’s test with our own DVD…no matter how good we think we are.

Thankfully, Jesus willingly lends us his DVD to play before God. What can we do to thank him for this free gift of grace?

Click here to listen to David Cook’s sermons during the church camp.

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