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People who had most impact on my Christian walk

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There are two people who have had a profound impact on my Christian walk: C.S. Lewis, a famous British writer and apologists in 1950s, and Timothy J. Keller, a senior past at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City.

C.S. Lewis’s book “Mere Christianity” ended up in my hands (quite miraculously) during my first serious faith crisis. I was flying disillusioned by the church from Tokyo to New York with a stopover for a conference in Vancouver, having lost my glasses on the way and feeling totally helpless. I get off that plane a completely changed person. Since then I have probably bought and read every one of his books. Some of my favorites include “Abolition of Man”, “The Weight of Glory”, “Screwtape letters” and “The Great Divorce”.

Timothy Keller came into my life during my first spiritual stagnation. At that time I was happily attending a church, spending a lot of time with my newfound Christian friends. And yet, something within me was telling me there is a lot about Christianity that I don’t know or understand. That was the time I met my future wife, Su Ling, who introduced me to Tim’s teachings. From the very first sermon I heard I knew it was it – the missing piece I was looking for.

If C.S. Lewis was the one to whom I attribute my real conversion (although I was baptized a few months prior to that), Timothy Keller was the one who helped me start growing – the process that I can feel is still on-going. Hopefully, I will be able to share more of the insights from their teaching in this blog as time goes by.

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