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Will Christianity help me?

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But still – for intellectual honour has sunk very low in our age – I hear someone whimpering on with his question, “Will it help me? Will it make me happy? Do you think I’d be better if I became a Christian?” Well, if you must have it, my answer is “Yes.” But I don’t like giving an answer at all at this stage. Here is a door, behind which, according to some people, the secret of the universe is waiting for you. Either it is true, or it isn’t. And if it isn’t, then what the door really conceals is simply the greatest fraud, the most colossal “sell”on record. Isn’t it obviously the job of every man to try to find out which, and then to devote his entire energies wither to serving this tremendous secret or to exposing and destroying this gigantic humbug? faced with such an issue, can you really remain wholly absorbed in your own blessed “moral development”?

All right, Christianity will do you good – a great deal more good than you ever wanted or expected. And the first bit of good it will do you is to hammer into your head (you won’t enjoy that!) the fact that what you have hitherto called “good” – all that about “leading a decent life” and “being kind” – isn’t quite the manificent and all-important affair you supposed. It will teach you that in fact you can’t be “good” (not for twenty-four hours) on your own moral efforts. And then it will teach you that even if you were, you still wouldn’t have achieved the purpose for which you were created. Mere morality is not the end of life. You were made for something quite different from that…

“Man or Rabbit?”
in God in the Dock

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