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Here is an interesting find from the senior staff of Willow Creek Community church. Apparently, these guys undertook a serious research survey to find out what their members liked and disliked and the results are very thought provoking. Watch the videos to get a fuller picture, but here are key observations:

1) Personal spiritual growth does not correlate with attendance of various church programs (worship services, small groups, etc.). There are plenty of Christians with very good attendance record but no (or even negative) spiritual growth.
2) The church programs are most useful for people who are exploring Christianity or just became Christians, but much much less so for mature Christians
3) There is a large portion of very mature Christians who are dissatisfied with the church to the point they are seriously deliberating leaving. This happens because they feel it does no longer satisfy their needs.

I am quite happy that these guys understand that it is wrong to resolve problem #3 by creating even more church programs. The deeper problem is the consumer mentality that many Christians possess. Their purpose of attending the church is to get something out of it. While that’s OK when you are growing in the faith, there should be a time when you can say, “I have such a deep relationship with God that I no longer need to attend a bible study or a worship service to keep growing. Now I can come to church not only to receive but also to give.” It should be the responsibility of the church to teach people to pray, study the bible on their own, and serve with whatever gift the Spirit gave them.

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