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Posting using Google docs – detailed explanation

Filed under: Uncategorized — Vitali at 7:39 pm on Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, I was quite disappointed with Blogger’s editor. My main issue was that if I use a list, suddenly the text that comes after it starts having less space between the lines. This might be due to some wrong settings, I don’t know. Then there is a strange preview option that doesn’t look anywhere close to what it will look like on the blog. If you are having similar problems, Google Docs maybe for you.


Well, when you sign up with Google, it gives you access to most of its services, e.g. Groups, Calendar, Sheets, Docs. If you go to, you should see a link on top, as shown in the figure below.

When there, create a new document and start typing up you post. The editor is somewhat similar to that of Blogger, but more predictable and have some nice additional options. For example, it will keep all your revisions. You can insert tables, bookmarks, separators (horizontal lines), even special characters. You can also adjust the images sizes. I am pretty sure there is even more things that didn’t immediately noticed.

When done, click on “Publish” tab on the right, and then on “Publish to blog” button. Prior to that, you will need to provide details of your blog to Google. See example in the figure below.

Now go to your blog and the post is already there. You can keep editing the post in Google Docs and republish it after you’re done.

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