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Are you sure you are saved? True signs 4-5

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4) Authentic affections, which are the true signs of saving faith, are always fruit of some understanding of the mind. To put it in simpler words, true faith always involves the mind. You may be aroused by some verses coming to mind, but it is useless unless your mind is enlightened by the content of these verses. Misunderstanding of the scripture has the same effect as not understanding it at all.

But how can you be sure you have properly understood? Proper understanding should create a sense on the heart of God’s beauty and holiness. So this is not just an intellectual understanding of the doctrine, just the knowledge that the honey is sweet, but the experience of this sweetness, which is the results of true affections.

In this chapter, Edwards comes out especially strong against those who read second meaning into the scripture, trying to find God’s will for their lives. Spiritual understanding of the Bible is something completely different. It is having the eyes of your mind open to see God’s beauty.

5) Truly regenerated by the Spirit people have a solid conviction of the truth of the gospel. They no longer doubt it.

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